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One-way betting

Betting types sportThe most part of betters are fond of placing bets on total score or handicapping, but we can’t deny that the easiest way of sports betting is placing single bets. According to the number of possible outcomes, if we are betting on a game with possible draw outcome, then placing bet on a winner is 33% predictable, provided that playing teams are nearly equally skilful. Single bets do fit any player as they don’t force you to pay tax on a prize winning. In addition, they are so popular because players may re-bet again when the game doesn’t go well enough.

Two-way betting option

It’s the second of the most popular types of options. Bookmakers usually allow players to place two different bets on two separated events or on the same event. For example, Barcelona – Real Madrid match, I want to place a bet on “Barcelona - total score over 1” and I place another bet “Real Madrid wins or draw”. Taking into account the track record of the matches of these two teams, I suppose that I have a perfect chance to win my wager. If end score is 2:2 (and it is really probable), I win both of bets.

Express bets

This type is rather harder to be done for beginners, but very popular among pro betting gamblers. Express bets are multiple bets on the same event and player wins in case all the bets in his express win. What the idea of express betting? The idea is that coefficients of bets get summarized so you earn more money. The only drawback to you is that some of bookmakers can limit an amount of the bets in accumulator, so reading books is advisable.

Block betting

Block bets are similar to system bets, because even when one or more events in your block is unsuccessful, you have a chance of winning (as in system betting). This type of betting requires deep knowledge of betting and betting wit. The coefficient in block bets is usually bigger than in system bets.

Let’s take a look at the example:

Block 1 (Odds 3.30)

Russia – Spain Pick: 2

Greece – Turkey Pick: 1

Block 2 (Odds 4.10)

Liverpool – Arsenal Pick:Over (2.5)

Manchester United – Manchester City Pick:Over (3.5)

Block 3 (Odds 1.70)

PSG – Lille Pick: 2

Provided that you win in two out of three blocks, you’ll get your money. People often try to predict two of three blocks very thoroughly and then leave one just for fun (“what if it wins?”). As usually, it has its own disadvantages and the main one is reduced reward (compared with simple bets). Of course, it’s because of decreased risk. Those who like to make money by betting just in one night are very prone to this type of betting.

System betting

So-called “paintings” are used to create a system by mixing few express bets into combinations. If all the bets in the system win, you get the jackpot. However, you can win with some errors in the system (failed bets). There are combinations with one or two possible errors: 2 out of 3; 2 out of 4; 3 out of 5; etc. If you want to study this type of betting more carefully, you would better use a betting guide with a plenty of examples.

Live betting

Nowadays, this type of bets became very popular among all players. Betting online and live is really fascinating and moving for people, so they get strongly involved in game. But, live betting is not without its disadvantages as well: for example, when one team scores a deciding goal right before the end of the match, administrators close betting on this match because the winner is obvious. Anyway, live matches sometimes help to make money by betting without profound analysis and time spending.