Platinum bets

1 ставка
14 13 Получить
3 ставки - скидка!
Platinum 1800 900 36 33 Получить
5 ставок - Большая скидка!
Platinum 2450 1225 49 45 Получить

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  • Each Platinum bet sales with a guarantee. In case of loss every next pick will be provided to you for free.
  • Platinum statistics will not be published.
  • You will receive the bet during the "Bets mailing", but not later than one hour before the beginning of the event. According to the accepted practice, the service doesn't provide an exact time of tips sending.
  • If you pay during the "Advance booking", you are guaranteed to get a bet on the current day. Your email will be on the top of the customers list.
  • If you pay during the "Bets mailing", we will send your tip immediately after forming it, payment and notification.
  • Our operator may contact you after your payment, but it is not mandatory, since you will be included in the mailing list immediately after payment successful completion.
  • Our agent will contact you to inform that your tip was postponed to the next day, if you made a payment after the event beginning.
  • Your payment notification to us (email, time, method of payment, banking details) ensures that your payment will not be lost.
  • Do you have any questions? Read the FAQ, in this section you can find detailed description of various situations.